Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Different Kind of Sidewalk Art!

Guest Writer Wednesday

A different kind of sidewalk art!
By: Gaylin

On different trips to Walt Disney World, I have had the pleasure of coming across these artists at both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Their art is simple, fun and not timeless. Really, not timeless, their art starts to evaporate as soon as it is finished! What always surprises me is the amount of people who walk by or walk over this art without ever stopping to notice it.

What art am I talking about! Mop art by cast members who work janitorial services at the parks. And yes, I did talk to more than one of these cast members and they are really janitors and not artists!

Came across this fellow at the Magic Kingdom one afternoon. Carl was a college student and this was his first day of doing sidewalk drawings, I think he did a wonderful job.

Wait, pay attention, don't walk on Mickey!

The beginning of Minnie.

Minnie all finished.

Loved this Stitch!

And Pluto.

And if you ask nicely, the artist will let you pretend you are the one who did the drawing! Minnie and me . . .


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