Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Bit of Quiet

Guest Writer Wednesday

A Bit of Quiet
By: Gaylin

Anyone that has been to Disney World knows, it is noisy. There is music coming from hidden speakers, water features used to make sound breaks, people being noisy and lots of 'street' entertainment. Sometimes finding quiet during the day can be difficult.

I had heard that there was a walkway from the Boardwalk Resort to Hollywood Studios and while I was on my solo trip in November, I decided I needed to take a time-out from the noise and find the walkway.

I took a boat from Epcot International Gateway to the Boardwalk Resort. Walked to the the front entrance and asked a Cast Member at where the walkway was. She said, 'Oh it is just over there by the tennis courts, you can't miss it".

Off I went, turns out I could have missed it the sign because it was around the corner from the tennis courts and not in view from them. But this being Disney, even though it was early evening, I felt safe to keep going and there it was.

Since I was on my own, I could meander at my own pace, my theme park sore feet appreciating going slow. And then sure enough, not too far from the Boardwalk was the Studios.

If you ever need a break, a nice walk without anyone else around. This is a lovely break, the walk took less than 20 minutes and the scenery is lovely - no speakers in the shrubs at all!

Turns out I don't have a good camera for night shots . . . so here is a blurry photo of the Hollywood Studios entrance in the distance.

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  1. Thanks Gaylin! When we go back to WDW (hopefully) soon we'll keep this hidden wonder in mind.


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