Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vinylmation Robots Series 3

Initially, when Disney released the Vinylmation Robots Series 3, I was only interested in one of the figures, Winnie the Pooh.

Barbie bought just one, and, amazingly, came up with Pooh!
I love the clear honeypot stomach.

This Pooh Vinyl can also be found in a previous post by Barbie.

Then the Disney Store held a buy one Vinyl and get one free sale. So I picked up a few Robots. One was the 3 eyed Alien from the Toy Story movies. I gave that to my friend Josh. You'll also notice a Grumpy Bot in the picture below.

Grumpy is one of my favorite characters, so I am actually glad I got him!

I got this Pinocchio Bot this past weekend. Another favorite character, and another keeper!
I love the way he was packaged.
It's like he told a lie and his nose stretched the plastic.

Jiminy Cricket is on the screen on his back.

The buy one get one sale may still be going on, so check your local Disney Store.


  1. Hi Nick, I'm doing some research on all of the SW Vinylmations that have been produced so far and discovered something a little odd about the Grumpy Bot. On the one figure I've seen, the artist name on the bottom is Gerald Mendez. Yet, on all of the reputable Vinylmation websites out there, they list the artist as being Enrique Pita (who actually did do a number of the Bot figures). So just wondering if you had any insight into who the actual artist was. Thanks!

    1. I just looked at the bottom of mine, and it has Gerald Mendez's signature also. Sorry I don't know anymore about the discrepancy in information, Robert.


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