Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Intricate Edible Art

Guest Writer Wednesday

Intricate Edible Art

I planned my last trip so I would be there for the last couple of days of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. I went into the Festival Welcome Center to check out the shop and see what might be on display.

At the Ghirardelli space set up there I was very pleased to find the following chocolate sculptures, they are behind glass and an oddly lit area so my photos don't do this artwork justice. (And if there is a next time, I will remember to turn the darn flash off!)

Cinderella's Castle

Mickey the Sorcerer

Captain Jack Sparrow

Nightmare Before Christmas

Fish are chocolate! Finding Nemo

There was a line-up at the Ghirardelli counter of people waiting to get a cup of drinking chocolate. Since I have had drinking chocolate before I skipped the line-up.

Later that afternoon I was at the Ireland booth getting a flourless chocolate lava cake. I had on my birthday button and was chatting up the CM, I asked for a bit of extra Bailey's ganache on top of my cake because it was my birthday. Bless his heart, this is what I got:

Two lava cakes and a veritable lake of ganache. Now that is real chocolate art!! Yes, I did lick the plate.


  1. Chocolate overload! Awesome CM's make it better every time.

  2. I like the inclusion of the Mickey watch in the last photo!


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