Thursday, April 11, 2013

Capsule Toys: Disney Cinemagic

I've discovered a new love. Capsule toys. These little beauties come out of vending machines. I've seen these listed as Gashapon and Gacha, but I'm just going to stick with calling them capsule toys.

The 2 pieces I will share today are the 1st couple I purchased on eBay.

First we have The Little Mermaid from the Disney Cinemagic Films Volume 4 collection, and was bought for $5.64, with free shipping.

How small is this figure of Ariel holding Flounder? A little over an inch, or 3.5cm. Ariel and Flounder came detached from the "film strip", and they simply snapped together.

The capsule itself wasn't shipped with the figure, but it did come with a little pamphlet picturing the whole series.

Also included are little clips that connect each new figure to make a "film reel". I'll include that in future posts when I receive more of these tiny treasures.

Next up is a piece from the Disney Cinemagic Museum Collection. It depicts a scene from the musical number "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.

It measures about 1.5" inches high and 2" wide. There is a lot of wonderful detail in a small package. In back of Lumiere is Mrs. Potts and Chip. I didn't even notice this until I was photographing it!

This was a bit more expensive, at $7.99, also with free shipping.

 It also came with a pamphlet picturing more from this series.

I'll be sharing more Capsule Toys in the future, so please, Be Our Guest!


  1. Those are SO cute. Why have I never seen these before? Are they still for sale new anywhere or just re-selling?

  2. I've never seen them in a machine. There are plenty on eBay however.

  3. I totally agree with Gaylin. Guess it's time to look for some on Ebay! :D

    1. Just received and opened The Lion King capsule toy. I love it, since it depicts the iconic rafiking moment, but I was a bit disappointed that the pieces didn't snap together all that easily. The Beast and I are thinking super glue will hold them together well. Otherwise, great little Disney item, can't wait to get some more! :D


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