Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mickey's Brave Little Tailor Disneyana Mug

Brave Little Tailor Tuesday!

Back in the early 90's, Disney started to hold Official Disneyana Conventions. I didn't make it to one of them. I'm not sure this was a bad thing, since I heard mixed reviews on the organization of these events, and I really couldn't afford a majority of the merchandise being offered anyway.

The one year I was very disappointed I didn't go was 1996. Each year of the convention had a theme, and 1996's was The Brave Little Tailor, my favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon. The convention was September 3-7th, and I had already scheduled a trip for later that month, so I could be at the park for Walt Disney World's 25th anniversary on October 1st, so I was out of luck. 

Or was I? To my astonishment, there were several convention items for sale in the Magic Kingdom! I bought a few of the more affordable items, and they have been favorites for years.

Today, let's take a look at the mug I bought way back in 1996.

The graphics and color are just beautiful, just like Princess Minnie.

The giant can't believe there were still mugs left after the convention...

...because they were limited to 2,000 pieces!

Made exclusively for the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. Please stop back next Tuesday to see a hat from this convention.


  1. I love Limited Editions! What a great mug.

  2. What a mug, I forgot how great it was. I was the artist that created this along with a lot of the merchandise for the Disneyana Conventions!

    1. Excellent work Markus! Thanks for checking out the blog!


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