Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor Gold Trading Card

Brave Little Tailor Tuesday!
When I first found this case inside a box in my garage, I had no idea what it was. Authentic Images?

Flipping it over helped a bit. But I still wasn't sure what I was going to find inside.

A gold trading card?!


Why did I buy this? Well, I love Brave Little Tailor. And it's a pretty limited piece. Only 1000!

What did I pay for this? No idea. But it's 24K Gold, according to the Certificate of Authenticity! Wow!

Where did I buy it? I could assume it came from the 1996 Official Disneyana Convention, which featured the Brave Little Tailor. I have many items from this convention, picked up from eBay (sadly I wasn't there!) through the years. But, there is no indication that it was part of that event. Maybe in 1998? In the image above, in the lower left hand corner, you can see, printed, DIS-2-98.

Regardless of why, where, and when, I'll be hanging on to it. Stop back in the future to see what else I might pull out of that garage!

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  1. I like your garage!!!
    That is such a lovely piece and knowing it was a limited edition, wow.


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