Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chalk Art, Festival of the Masters, Downtown Disney

Guest Writer Wednesday

Chalk Art, Festival of the Masters, Downtown Disney
By: Gaylin

One weekend in November, every year, Disney holds the Festival of Masters art weekend at Downtown Disney. I specifically planned my last vacation to take this in. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event. For those of you who have been to Downtown Disney in Orlando, think about the walking around area that there is and add over 240 booths! There was art available to buy from artisans from all over the US. Wood, glass, ceramic, jewelry, an amazing array of beauty.

And then there were the chalk artists. There were two areas set up for the chalk artists to draw. One area was all high school students, the other area was for adult chalk artists.

Here is some of the work in progress Saturday morning. All of the in progress photos are in the high school student area.

And here are some finished drawings from Sunday morning.

These next three are from the adult artists area.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Festival of the Masters. I don't know if I would specifically make plans to be there again but I am very glad I did plan for it on this trip. If you do go to this Festival, get to Downtown Disney as it opens and the booths are just opening up (around 10 a.m.). By 12:30 p.m. Downtown Disney is extremely packed and a bit suffocating. I was very glad I had gotten there in the morning both days. And if you start in the Marketplace be sure to walk all the way down to the Cirque Du Soleil theater as the entire concrete apron in that area is filled with art kiosks as well.


  1. Love to see your input, Gaylin! I wish I had been there to see such great artwork firsthand.

  2. I was actually a student who did the Alphonse Mucha piece, for Apopka High School; the next festival of Masters is this weekend (nov. 8-10), you should come and check it out this year! :)


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