Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vinylmation Around the House

 There's only one Vinylmation Orange Bird in the photo. I noticed him while I was taking photos of the Orange Bird collection. Surprise!

As I've stated before, I didn't really understand Disney's Vinylmation, but I'm coming around. For those of you who might not know about Vinylmation yet, the name is an amalgamation of the words animation and vinyl. Vinylmation was first introduced in 2008, and I thought to myself, I wonder whether this will last? Well, it has only grown in popularity each year!

All the figures are three inches (exceptions are nine inch special edition figures and one and a half inch figures) and shaped like Mickey Mouse but are painted up to look quite differently from Mickey. Each figure is sold in sealed packaging in little boxes or collector tins. You don't know which figure you are buying until it is opened. The figures can be purchased singly or by the case. Cases are by theme, such as Muppets, Robots, or Star Wars. There seems to be no end to the themes. There's something for everybody.

Disney allows people to trade one of their Vinylmations for one out of an opaque, numbered mystery box. If you do not like the vinyl from the mystery box, you can keep yours! They also have clear cases that showcase the traders which you can trade. You can participate at most stores throughout Disney World, Disneyland, and in some cases, the Disney stores in your local malls. Just politely ask a cast member whether they do any Vinymation trading at that particular spot or not. Be careful, you just might get caught up in a whole trading marathon with other customers! You'll be buying each other Vinylmations and trading together, and you might even make some life long friendships.

But I digress, this was supposed to be a short post about vinyls showing up, nay, sneaking into the house and quietly insinuating themselves into my life! How long has that cactus vinyl been there?

O.k. I'll admit that my husband asked me to pick out the robot themed Vinylmation box for him when we were in the Disney Store. He got the robot Pooh and proceeded to place him in with my little Pooh collection. There's more! Stay tuned.

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