Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Disney Keeps Me Warm

By Gaylin

I like to get collectibles to display. I also like to get souvenirs to wear or have with me, or use (key chains anyone?)

A few trips ago I came across this great scarf and bought it, not knowing it would be the beginning of a collection.

The scarves/sarongs are not thick material so they are perfect for Vancouver’s not-so-cold winters. I also like to ‘wear’ a little Disney with no one knowing it unless I point out the Mickey heads on the scarves.

The first one is a lovely green with multi-colored Mickeys. Notice the Mickey heads in the edging as well as in the body of the scarf.

The next trip I was very happy to find these two. A bit smaller than the green one but what great colors!

Then I found this great sarong. It’s thin enough to use as a scarf or as a shawl or as it was intended to be used: as a sarong.

The next trip it was this great purple sarong.

When I went in 2010, I got this beautiful rainbow scarf. This one gets me the most compliments and often someone will notice the Mickey head. I wish I had bought 5 of them to share with friends.

And on my trip 2011, I was looking for more rainbow scarves but none were to be found. So I got this one. I also bought 2 more of it to give away. Nothing makes me happier than to spread a little Disney love with friends!

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