Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Containing Mickey Mouse

By Gaylin: 

I found this small wooden box (4″ x 2.25″) in the glass shop on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and loved it.

Small, well made and while it doesn’t hold much, it looks great.
I don’t have very valuable jewelry, mostly sentimental but it is nice to have a pretty box to put it in.
The small magnetic dots keep it closed quite tightly. I didn’t take a photo of the bottom as it is completely plain, no markings of any kind.

When you buy a watch at Disney World, you often get a tin container to store it in. I have 2 watches that came in these containers.

I use them to store other things as I am always wearing one or the other of the watches! I think both watches cost $45 and I do like having the tins to put things in, shiny things, things with Mickey on them!

Hmmmm, maybe one day I will remember to take photos of the watches themselves.

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