Thursday, July 10, 2014

Disney Speak...It's Easy and Fun

By: Beth Skarp

Visit any Disney themed page and chances are you will find several acronyms for just about anything. In fact, there are pages you can visit to help you decipher all these acronyms.

Our family uses the Disney acronyms as well. I do believe that we have come up with our own acronym that is not as widely known, but still manages to garner several laughs both from Cast Members and Park guests alike.

We came up with our personal acronym quite by accident. We were making use of the Free Dining offered by Disney while staying at one of the Value Resorts. We wanted to enjoy a few sit down table meals as well. Being the planner that I am, I went ahead and made our reservations at the restaurants we wanted to enjoy.

As with any good planner, I had my spread sheet all worked out. Which Park or Parks to visit for that day, our rides we want to take in, times for the parades or special shows, you know the drill. Yes, I even plan out our potty breaks. Since we utilize the Companion Restrooms due to our special needs girls, I like to make sure that I put down when we will be in the area of one to take the girls if they need to go.

I showed my DH or Disney Husband our schedule, and he commented that it all looked good to him. Honestly, as long as I scheduled in downtime as well as tell him where and when we are eating our big meals that day, the actual schedule matters very little to him.

He did comment on my “new” acronym, but just thought it meant potty breaks. You'll understand more in a moment.

Our trip finally arrived, and our first table service meal was at 50's Prime Time Cafe.

Since I knew that Prime Time enjoys joking around with Park guests dining there, I decided to try out my “new” acronym and see what happened.

When you begin to order your meal, your server will ask if you are on the Disney Dining Plan. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try out my acronym.

My Husband was busy with our girls, so with as straight a face as I could manage, I told our server, Bobby, “we plan to POOP today!”

I explained that POOP was a new acronym that I came up with. It meant Paying Out Of Pocket or POOP. Since I didn't want to write that sentence down every time as I made out my schedule, I just wrote POOP.

Bobby had never heard of this before, and promptly called over his fellow server, Tommy, to let him know that “this table was going to POOP for their dinner tonight so be careful!!”

Tommy later found out from Bobby what POOP stood for. Tommy wanted to share in our hilarity as well, so Tommy even went so far as to get me some prune juice and bring it to our table. Of course, other diners thought we had lost our minds, but we were quick to explain what we meant when we stated we were going to POOP for our dinner.

Several times during that particular trip and others we have taken since then, we have had a similar experience with our servers. When asked if we are are on the Disney Dining Plan, if we are Paying Out Of Pocket, we politely state “Not today, we are going to POOP!!” It does get a good laugh, and for some reason our servers seem to be more attentive and fun-loving after we share this with them!

So, next time you find yourself not using the Disney Dining Plan but rather paying for your meals out of pocket, try telling your server you are going to POOP. You never know what may happen.


  1. what a fun idea..i am so going to do this!

  2. What's funny I will be POOPing at the Prime Time on my Spetember 2014 trip as well!!!

  3. I didn't have the dining plan on my last trip so all my meals were POOPed!


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