Saturday, July 5, 2014

Disney's Hilton Head Resort

By Laurie Olivieri

After spending January & February in Kissimmee, it was, sadly, time to head back to the frozen tundra that was Connecticut.  We definitely took the long way home..stopping for two nights in Hilton Head and staying at the Disney resort using only 20 DVC points.

I was not sure what to expect - after all, there are no theme parks, no ADR's to be made, no fast pass+ to be worried character meals..this is purely for relaxation.  And yes, I struggled with it!

We were greeted by a very welcome sign and a doghouse - there is a fantastic story that goes with the doghouse - that is for another day!  There were signs and symbols all over the place and the Cast members were friendly, but it just didn't feel "Disney" to me.


Our room was nice and light and very fresh feeling. There was a lot of construction going on  - re-roofing of other buildings, but we never heard a sound!

Our view from our room was the other buildings, but the view from the back of our building was simply stunning at sunset!

Ok, so, Hilton Head, to me, is supposed to be all golf courses and beaches.  While I knew that Disney's Hilton Head wasn't on the beach, I guess I didn't quite expect it to be a couple miles away either.  After we followed the directions in our room, we arrived at the Disney Beach area.  It is locked and you must use your Key to the Room Card to access the areas that are strictly Disney.  They had a beautiful pool area and below that is the beach.  It is adjoining all the other is not a private beach at all.  But it was quite lovely and not crowded at all (of course, its also mid March).

There is only a quick service restaurant on site..we did not eat here.  The premise is to have you experience the island.  We found a few great places to eat!  There was a game room and laundry facilities (free).  There was a little store selling mostly DVC items.

Yes, it was worth the 20 DVC points, and yes, we will stay there again.  But, is it Disney?  Not to me - but it was much better than a regular hotel room.


  1. The no fast pass + planning, no ADRs, pure relaxation is why I love the Hilton Head resort. And if you want a Disney touch, just look at how the Cast Members treat you-the ultimate in Disney service and friendliness.

  2. Since I am not a DVC member I have always wondered what Hilton Head was like - thanks for the review! It looks lovely and quiet. I wonder how busy it gets in spring and summer . . .


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