Saturday, July 26, 2014

Where in the “World” is Jiminy

By Beth Skarp

If you have been following along on this blog, you will know that my sister and I recently traveled to the World with Jiminy Cricket. Our goal was to let Jiminy not only have adventures, but to show things that we, who are much taller than Jiminy, would tend to overlook. We took several pictures of things that no doubt the average guest to the World would  also overlook. So, where in the World is Jiminy in these shots? 

Sometimes, Jiminy was just too small or the object too tall for Jiminy to reach. 

Can you guess where these pictures were taken?

No peeking at the answers which are directly below the photo!-Nick

 This is the clock at Enchanted Tales with Belle. 
The basket lowers partway for the quarter hour and reaches its full extension at the half hour. 
At a quarter of, it begins to raise back up and at the hour, it is right underneath the clock. 
Who pays attention to this? 
I never did.

 This is the stage where Big Al comes out to sing at Country Bear Jamboree.

This is the stone wall, just outside of the gift shop from Star Tours.

This is a backdrop located along the walkways in Hollywood Studios. 
How often do you walk past and not admire the opportunities to stop for a candid shot?

 Waiting in line at Disney's Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour.

Do you think they may have a room for me? This is on the Streets of America at DHS.

 How about this hotel, or wait, where am I again? Oh yeah....Muppet Vision 3D!

 Wait, who is that...

 It's DiVine at Animal Kingdom! Sorry this picture is so blurry, I got jostled just as I took the shot.

I hope you had as much fun looking at the pictures as I had taking them.  

Please stop back soon for more Where in the "World" is Jiminy!-Nick

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