Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flea Market Finds–Donald Duck Matchbox Car

By Barbie

This little Flea Market find is marked Matchbox Disney Series No 2 (c) Walt Disney Productions made in Hong Kong 1979, Lesney Prod & Co Ltd. It is a small die cast 2 1/2" long 1 1/2" wide 2 1/2" high car, but Donald is the real reason I bought this piece. Look at his adorable little face!


  1. I love that this is a real die-cast car! Only problem, where is the steering wheel?

  2. Steering wheel? Donald doesn't need a steering wheel! That car is afraid to take Donald somewhere he doesn't want to go!

  3. What a awesome piece. First of it's kind I have seen!

  4. Thanks Sheila, they are small, so finding them is difficult unless they are displayed out on a table as a true collectible.


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