Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Traveling With an Old Friend to Walt Disney World

by Beth Skarp

I just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. This trip, just my youngest sister and myself went. Due to medical reasons, the rest of the family could not join us (we had just returned from the World a mere three weeks prior). 

This trip we were to meet up with some Disney friends who are part of a special Disney Facebook group I belong to. This particular group came from overseas—mostly England—although I did manage to meet up with and enjoy some time with some local friends as well. Our meet-up was called the “British Invasion”. Many from the Facebook group wanted to be a part of the British Invasion, but for one reason or another they were unable to attend. Since this particular Disney Facebook group uses Jiminy Cricket as the Mascot, I figured I would take Jiminy along with me, and I'm so glad that I did!

First off, let me mention that Jiminy is a rather “rare” stuffed character. Several of the cast members I encountered commented that Jiminy had not been seen in the parks “for a good many years”. I can't begin to count the number of times I was approached and asked where in the “World” I got Jiminy. One guest even flashed me a one hundred dollar bill and asked if they could purchase my Jiminy right on the spot—dirty nose and scuffed up as he was. Sorry, Jiminy was not for sale. I have had Jiminy for many years and was unwilling to part with him.

I wanted Jiminy to do all the things that my fellow Disney Facebook group members would do, if they were with us. But I got to thinking. Jiminy was rather small. He could possibly do things that someone of my size could not. So, what sort of things could Jiminy do?

First off, Jiminy took a trip completely around World Showcase, visiting each and every land and posing with something or someone that would depict that particular Country. Since I love the Gran Marnier Orange Slushie from France—our group even has a “special” table we frequent all the time when we go—I figured we would begin our Jiminy Adventure here. I quickly learned that Jiminy loves the same drinks I do. How do I know this? Every time I tried to pose him, he would fall face first into my drink. I am sure Jiminy is not really a lush, but my sister and I got a laugh out of his doing this no matter what we tried. We quickly learned to keep the wet-wipes handy to clean his face.

Here are some pictures of Jiminy's Adventures Around World Showcase. He really had quite the Adventures.

 Jiminy, going through security at International Gateway.

With the Boat Captain who piloted us to International Gateway.

Notice how I had to "prop" Jiminy up here. This is after he fell face first into the first glass.

Getting a little bit artsy in France.

Stopping for a quick nibble in Morrocco.

Everyone has to try on the Fez hats....including Jiminy.

Hmmmm....I wonder if that kimono comes in a size small enough that I could wear. As a matter of fact, it does.

Wow, that fish pond in Japan looks really inviting. Have you ever taken the time to view the fish here?

Since I knew how much Nicholas Maglio loves beer, i wanted to capture this shot. I am curious....has anyone ever had any of these beers?

This wonderful Cast Member loved Jiminy and asked if she could pose with him outside of the American Adventure Gift Shop.

Jiminy enjoyed visiting the KidCot Centers as well. Here he is in Italy.

He also tried to "hide:" among the masks. He didn't really succeed.

I think Jiminy was still fun from France, or he would have enjoyed a stein of beer in Germany as well. He did enjoy getting cooled off from the fountain though.  

The FIFA Soccer games were going on. Jiminy wanted to show a bit of his soccer side as well.

On the pathway in the Outpost area, just before you get to the bridge.


 Rubbing Buddaha's belly for good luck.

Troll hunting in Norway.

Trying on the Viking hat.

A Jiminy sized Sombrero.

A Goofy sized hat.

My favorite shot actually. This cast member worked and worked to get Jiminy to hold still long enough for this picture. Just outside of Le Cellier in Canada.

Our final stop....Rose & Crown in United Kingdom.

Since Jiminy had a great time at World Showcase, we figured we would venture out and see what other mischief we could get into. Stayed tuned for the further adventures of Jiminy's Travels in the World. 


  1. Probably not a surprise, but I have had ALL of those beers, Beth!

  2. I have taken a Flat Stanley to WDW for photos. Maybe next trip I will do a photo tour with a stuffed character! A great idea. Love Jiminy in the Viking Hat and of course the polite Canadian worked hard to balance Jiminy!


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