Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planes: Fire and Rescue Merchandise at the Disney Store

By Nick

There is plenty of really great looking merchandise from Planes: Fire and Rescue available at the Disney Store and on disneystore.com.

Die Cast vehicles are $9.95, if you buy 2 or more they are $9.

There are also many varied styles of clothing from tee shirts at $12.95 on up to the really terrific bomber jacket below for $49.95.

There are also plenty of school supplies such as backpacks from $22.95 and stationary supply kits at $14.95.

You can get Pajamas for $16.95 and playsets for $19.95.

Planes: Fire and Rescue comes out in theaters this Friday, June 18th.


  1. Can I admit that neither Cars nor Planes is of any interest to me.
    I am glad that Disney has these movies for the non-princess type people but I kind of find the whole talking vehicle thing a bit creepy . . .

    1. LOL, you are very brave to come out on this! I loved the first Cars, as I've talked about here, largely because I have had the Route 66 experience, and saw many of the sights that the movie depicts. I keep meaning to do an article about that. The second Cars-meh. Mater's Tall Tales I can literally watch over and over. And Planes was really cute too, and I look forward to seeing this, but it will likely be on Blu-ray rather than in the theater.


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