Monday, September 7, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merchandise

By Nick

This past Friday, AKA, Force Friday, Disney released it's new Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise.
Many Disney Stores opened early, but I didn't make it, due to how close the opening was to the start of work, so I had to settle for going the next day.

There were several styles of tee shirts,  my favorite being this Chewbacca shirt, but, sadly it only came in kids size! This is $16.95

 Action figures featuring new characters with light, sound and actual movie phrases are $29.95

 This figurine playset is $14.95.

As Halloween is fast approaching there are several costumes and masks to be found. Voice changing masks are $24.95.

This Kylo Ren costume is $59.95.

The much talked about crossguard lightsaber held by Kylo Ren is $29.95.

There are PJs and Plush.

BB-8 looks to be very popular, as there were only 2 plush left! They are $9.95.

 Plenty of old school New Hope Star Wars items are also available.

These die cast Elite Series action figures are $24.95 and there are more being released in the near future.


More reasonably price merch can also be had in the form of small die cast vehicles, cups and mugs.

There are some really great items, many of which the old, or, to be more accurate, young me would have absolutely plunked down hard earned money for. The new old version of me is much more concerned with retiring, and so I showed a lot of restraint, purchasing just one item.

I love R2D2, and when I saw this very reasonably priced wind up figure with sound effects, I had to have him! He was only $6.95!

Will you be purchasing any Star Wars items from the new or old films?

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