Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mailed Walt Disney World Postcards

By Nick 

My wife bought me these Walt Disney World postcards one morning when I was too tired to get up and go to the flea market. They were $1 each, but worth the price in our opinion. We love postcards that are actually written out, telling of someone’s vacation, the weather, and how much fun they are having.

The older of the 2 cards takes us all the way back to July, 1975, taking a spin on the Tea Cups with Goofy.

Here we learn, not surprisingly, it was hot in July.

This next card is from 9/15/1983.

Again, we learn it’s hot.

I really love the fact that they describe how they went for 18 hours on 5 hours sleep.
Been there, done that!

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