Monday, May 4, 2015

Upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World

By Nick

I'm a Star Wars fan. I have been since the original Star Wars came out in 1977, when I was 9. Pictured below is an original one sheet movie poster, which hangs very prominently in my living room, and I have as many Star Wars collectibles as I do Disney. Unfortunately, there is only so much space in my house, and Disney has trumped Star Wars, the collection sitting (I hope safely) in our garage!

My father took me to see the original trilogy, and when the prequels came out, you know what, I liked them too!

I've re-watched the entire film series recently in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World for this year's first Star Wars Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

I'm going with 2 friends, Joe and Josh, and we have several plans, including Jedi Mickey's Star Wars Dine at Hollywood and Vine, which is dinner with Jedi Mickey, Princess Leia Minnie, Darth Vader Goofy, Storm Trooper Donald, and Chip 'n' Dale as Ewoks.
We are also doing the Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast at Sci-Fi, dinner with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Greedo, Jawas and Bobba Fett.

I'm very excited to experience these events! Have I mentioned that we are 3 grown men in our 40s? 

In addition to these special events, there are plenty of other activities including encounters with Star Wars celebrities each weekend. On the weekend we'll be there,  Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Tiya Sircar, voice of Sabine Wren on Star Wars Rebels, Amy Allen, who portrays Jedi Aayla Secura in Star Wars: Episode II and III, and last, but certainly not least, Ian McDiarmid, Emperor Palpatine himself!

There is also a Legend's of the Force: Celebrity Motorcade and Symphony in the Stars fireworks!

Star Wars Weekends runs from May15 to June 14th. Will you be attending any?

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