Monday, May 11, 2015

Animal Kingdom – Rafiki's Planet Watch

by Gaylin

I love going to the Animal Kingdom, one of the reasons is Rafiki's Planet Watch. I know there are people who may never have gone there. It doesn't have a ride or show, there is no big draw to going there, for me that is part of the fun. It is rarely busy, and has lots to look at and learn from. It is a great break away from the noise of the rest of the park.

You get there by a train called the Wildlife Express, which leaves from Africa, near Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

When you arrive at Rafiki's Planet Watch, you will see this sign – this is the original name for this area.

While you won't get to have your photo taken with real elephants, these bronze ones will have to do!

Rafiki points the way.

The top front of the building has this great animal facade.

This is where you can get your photo taken with a character, there wasn't a meet-up happening while we went by, unless you count me as a character.

On the front courtyard patio there is this great inset.

Right inside the door is one of my favourite murals, large and colourful, so very beautiful.

And if you look closely, you can find a hidden Mickey!

In the centre of the main room, throughout the day there will be animal handlers, they bring out and show various animals and educate us on what is going on with that species.

In tanks around the room are a lot of smaller animals for viewing, lots of crawly and slithery animals.

Sadly, there were no feces for us to match to the species on the table today.

Look who we got to meet, no line-up, no problems! This is one of the few places where you can have your photo taken with Rafiki, worth the trip, if you ask me.

Finally out to the Affection Section, this bull was quite happy to get a scratch or two.

This little goat was pretty happy for a friendly pet as well. There are also lambs and a donkey!

And remember, when you leave the Affection Section – wash your hands!

Of course, there is a store. I have found some very unique items at this store, since I already have a great sunhat, I didn't get this little beauty.

The only snake you will get to hold will be this rubber one!

And if you need to use the bathroom on the way out, you can read up on poop on the back door of the stall.

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