Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pixar's A Bugs Life Heimlich

By Nick

Stuffed Heimlich. Is that a redundant statement?
(See, Heimlich eats a lot, until he’s, you know, stuffed!) Tap-tap, is this thing on?

Today, I share a couple of Heimlich’s from the Pixar film, “A Bug’s Life’, from my wife’s collection. The 1st one is a fairly large stuffed figure.

Obviously it’s from the Disney Store, but I have no other info, as my wife cut the tags off.

This next stuffed Heimlich is much smaller, and has a plastic face.


Like the bigger figure, the tags have been removed, and there is no indication as to where it came from.


What, you may ask, is a squishy Heimlich?

This is a squishy Heimlich:


Heimlich is from Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” released in 1998. While it isn’t my favorite Pixar movie by far, it has a special place in my heart as it was the first movie my wife and I saw in a theater together.
Having this special place made me collect Bug’s Life everything. Heimlich, however, is from my wife’s collection.

What drew my wife to Heimlich the caterpillar? His accent, for one. And his love of food for the other. In fact here he is going in for the kill now!


He is rubber, and filled with some sort of, well, squishy, material. Sadly, 14 years on, the squishy material has hardened into a ball inside of Heimlich’s belly, and he is not nearly as much fun to squeeze anymore.


Made by 4 Kidz Inc. for Disney/Pixar.

Here is another squishy Heimlich. This is a keychain. I think. A REALLY big keychain. I have no idea who would need such a large key chain, but, as I don’t know what else the hook would be used for, I’m calling it a keychain.


Alas, he suffers from the same fate as the larger figure, as he has lost his squishiness.

Also made by 4 Kidz.


  1. The last one is what the cool kids would hang off their back pack, if you want to add weight to your back pack!


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