Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taking a break – Disney style!

by Gaylin

In Spring of 2008, I went on my first solo trip to Walt Disney World. One thing I really enjoyed while traveling on my own was the ability to change plans on a whim or to stop and rest whenever I wanted to.

At the Magic Kingdom there are these two rocking chairs in Liberty Square, I was lucky enough to find them empty and had a nice 1/2 hour break, rocking and people watching!

While I was at Epcot, because it was the Flower and Garden Festival, these chairs were set up in a garden and I took another break, I think I sat here and watched people go by for over 45 minutes, a nice rest for my feet! Notice my day pack behind my head, I did put my sunglasses on and closed my eyes for a few minutes  . . .  hmmm, I wonder if anyone noticed I was napping.


  1. who took the pictures?
    I also love those 2 quiet spots and have several others. Sad thing is that with all the construction in MK and AK some of my quiet resting spots will be gone. :(

    1. One great thing about going to WDW, you can had your camera off to random strangers and they will take a photo for you! I have quite a few photos of me from my solo trips - all taken by random strangers.


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