Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I love a parade!

by Gaylin

Actually, the title should say, I love a Disney parade! I will sit on a curb for 45 minute to an hour to have a good view of a parade. I have had some great chats with people while waiting for a parade, met some great kids, had snacks and been entertained by the people walking by until the cast members clear the way for the parade floats.

At the Magic Kingdom this past May, I got to watch the new Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. I loved it, the floats were so intricate and so many moving pieces! My favourite was the float for Tangled. Rapunzel right up front and with those huge axes swinging back and forth, I couldn't get a good photo of Flynn but he was there! From the top to bottom, this float represents so many parts of the movie, I think it is wonderful.

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