Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sure You Want to Eat That?

By: Tamara Botzum

This article is all about what you may not want to eat at Walt Disney World.  Disney fans come in many ages, and I fit into the over forty category.  Does this mean I can eat like a kid again at a Disney park? Well, maybe. Then again, maybe I shouldn't. Let me cite a few examples.

Corn Dog - The tempting traditional deep fried concoction on a stick seen in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom.  It is not recommended for one's first meal of the day. Leave this for a snack later on in the day.

Mickey Hot Pretzel - This cute creation of dough is a must-have for many when visiting. But you need to beware the heaviness of the dough as it sits in your stomach. Avoid the teacups after eating one of these. Better yet, share it with a friend. Your tummy will thank you.

Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey's Corner (Magic Kingdom) - With the added temptation of hot cheese sauce available at the fixings bar, you may not survive the evening parade. And need we mention the calories?

Turkey Leg - This one has become very popular. You see all ages of people gnawing their way through one of these giant treats. On a hot Florida day, it may not be the wisest of things to choose if you are seeking something light. 

Battered Fish Basket from Columbia Harbor House (Magic Kingdom) - It's fried. It can be greasy. And will come with fries if you don't ask for broccoli or apple slices.  Avoid if you've just had a corn dog an hour ago.

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  1. Just a hint, if you try to eat a turkey leg . . . don't ride Rock 'N Roller Coaster anytime afterwards. The turkey leg tastes really bad coming back up again.


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