Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Favorite Land

By D'land Diva

I must confess: while I love ALL of Disneyland, I am drawn to one land in particular. Sure, all of the lands have their own charms. And the theming in each land really makes you feel like you are a part of that land while you are there.

But for me, New Orleans Square at Disneyland is just the ultimate magical land.

It might be its location, on the Rivers of America...

It might be the Mark Twain boat...

It could be the architecture...

Or maybe it's the Haunted Mansion ride...

Or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride...

I also really like the small, winding streets.

And, of course, the food. The Blue Bayou is actually inside a ride.

The French Market has charming tables in which you can dine and listen to jazz music.

There's also a small stand in which to buy gumbo and beignets...

And there is the Mint Julep Bar where you can find tasty, sweet, refreshing Mint Juleps on a warm Southern California summer day.

But, really, I think my favorite thing about New Orleans Square is the history. This land was one he oversaw himself. New Orleans Square was one of the last projects he had worked on before he passed away. It was a land that was near and dear to him.

The next time you are at Disneyland, take just a little while to appreciate the ambiance that is New Orleans Square!


  1. While I have not been to Disneyland since 1978, (YES! I know I need to go again!!), I would totally agree on your choice. Disneyland in '78 was two years after I had been to Walt Disney World the first time which was in 1976 when I was 18, and on my senior class trip. To me, Disneyland seemed to very small in comparison, but I loved it anyway.

  2. It's my favorite land in Disneyland as well! Best ride, Pirates, beautiful theming that can't be found at WDW, and Walt walked those streets!

  3. Love the photos! And I agree with everything you say! I' m there in spirit with you, sipping a mint julep with you and your family!


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