Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flea Market Finds: Pocahontas' Meeko

by Nick

Back when Pocahontas came out in 1995, I was immediately drawn to her raccoon friend, Meeko. And I started collecting everything Meeko. I have many varied items, and I still pick up items when I come across them all these years later.

I picked this guy up at the Flea Market for $1.

It appears he is supposed to be pulled back on his wheels, released, and have his head move back and forth, but, alas, he no longer works.

It also seems he should be holding a cookie or other food item, but is missing that as well.

I’m not sure where he is from, as there is no indication.

As I have no information on that figure, I thought I’d share one I do know a little more about, that also has wheels, his cookie, and works when wound up. This Meeko is from Burger King.

Me and Meeko in 2007.

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