Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of My Favorite Characters - Meeko From Pocahontas

By: Nick

When Pocahontas came out in 1995 the standout character for me was Meeko the raccoon. He reminded me of my dearly departed cat, Morpheus.
I worked at a Disney Store at the time, and collected every reasonably priced Meeko item I could find, many of which I will share here on Disney Musings in the future. My wife was even inspired to write about Meeko back before I started writing this blog with her!
I got the chance to meet Meeko at Disney's Hollywood Studios back when it was still Disney-MGM Studios in January of 2007!

This is the only time I've seen Meeko in any Disney Park!
Do you have an off-beat favorite character that you've had the opportunity to meet at a Disney Park?

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  1. I like seeing Jiminy Cricket up at the Conservation Station at the Animal Kingdom!


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