Sunday, April 27, 2014

E.P.C.O.T. - Who Knows What It Means?

By Beth Skarp

Growing up, I learned that EPCOT was Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
Since then, many new meanings from the acronym EPCOT have come about.

The most notable ones are Every Person Comes Out Tired or Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday.
In our house, we have our own meaning for EPCOT—Every Person Concentrated on Tasting.

World Showcase is a literal culinary walk around the world, and not just during the Food & Wine Festival either.

There are so many new taste treats for the our family to sample. Just when we “think” we have tasted or experienced everything there is, we find new things to tantalize our taste buds.

Have you tried the Nudel Gratin at Somerfest in Germany? My husband, who comes from a family of Germanic heritage, claims this is very close to what he experienced at his grandparent's home. The nutty cheese flavors are oh soooo good.

Morrocco has a wonderful new table service restaurant called Spice Road Table, truly a must do if you like Mediterranean foods.

Their Tingis Sampler with Lamb Sliver, Harissa Chicken Roll and Merguez Sausage are not only filling for a quick lunch, but an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Add some of their mint tea, different from what most Americans are used to, and you have a wonderful lunch. Other favorites are Mussels Tagine with Cilantro, garlic, lemon confit in tomato sauce or their Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves with fried capers, raisins and fresh nutmeg.
Not sure you want to try “weird” food, how about some ice cream.
The Spice Road Juice Bar offers up some wonderful chef made handcrafted ice cream choices that are not your typical flavors.

Speaking of ice cream, have you tried the Brioche ice cream sandwich or the L-Artisian des Glaces Sorbet from France. One word....YUMMY!! There are always new experiences for our taste buds each time we go to EPCOT—and we go often.

Want to learn more about what new adventures are out there for you explore? A.J. Wolfe does a wonderful job of keeping our family informed with The Disney Food Blog. Check her out at or follow her on Facebook.

Remember—EPCOT means something to everyone. For us, Every Person Concentrated on Tasting. Bon Appetite.


  1. i also love trying all the flavors of EPCOT

  2. Thank you for sharing things I didn't know about food at Epcot.
    (Epicurean Palate Celebrations of Taste)

  3. I love "Eating My Way Around the World" ! Not many realize this can be done year round, not just during Food and Wine fest .

  4. Every Parent Carries One Toddler.
    Every Pocketbook Comes Out Thinner.


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