Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney Cakes

By: Jackie Phelan

In my family, I am the cake maker.  With three daughters, a niece and nephew, I am busy with cakes from November to April ( we certainly didn't plan that out very well).  Cake making is something I just love doing. It is surprisingly relaxing for me, although my husband will tell  you I am stressed for a week up to the party.  Being a Disney loving family, it is only natural for me to have made 11 Disney themed cakes in 6 years.

Mickey was my first attempt at making a cake that wasn't your normal 8 inch cake. My nephew loved it which is really what my cake making is all about.

My latest creations were the Frozen cake, Minnie cupcakes and Minnie cake for my two youngest daughters.

My youngest, who just turned one, is infatuated with Minnie. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen and seeing her face light up at the sight of her Minnie cake warmed my heart. 

This week I am working on a Belle cake for my niece's 3rd birthday. Can't wait to see her face!


  1. They are all great, but I love the Mickey hat! You did an amazing job on the character illustrations!

  2. Thanks Nick! Let me know if you or Barbie want a Disney cake for your birthdays! ;)

  3. My stomach is gurgling looking at these wonderful cakes! Yummy, such a lucky family!

  4. Wow, these are fantastic. What lucky children to have someone make them these awesome cakes!


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