Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Disney's Festival of the Lion King: I Don't Get It

By Nick

Okay. Let's start by saying I love the movie The Lion King. It is absolutely a classic. Animation is great. Story wonderful. Music extremely catchy and enjoyable.

But I just don't get what the attraction to Festival of the Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom is, and why it is the most popular stage show in Walt Disney World (according to more than one Cast Member).

Granted, the surroundings are beautiful and the theater very well themed.

There are 4 sections, each one representing an animal. Elephant, which is where I was, Lion, Giraffe and Warthog.

There are "tumble monkeys", areal acrobats, fire twirlers, and sing alongs.

It sounds and looks great, but, I just don't have a desire to see it again, unless I'm with people who feel the need.

To be honest, I think the problem could be my dislike of circuses. And this is very much like a circus to me, with a "center ring" and other "rings" around it.

I think Finding Nemo - The Musical to be much more entertaining, creative and inventive!

What is your opinion of Circus Festival of the Lion King?


  1. It is a bit on the circus side but I like it because it is fun and happy and colourful. I love the Tumble Monkeys but never understood the fire torch juggler . . . And I do like singing along at the end.
    I do like Nemo the Musical better as well.

  2. I have only seen it a few times and usually it is with someone that has never seen it before. It is all about the visuals. Like a circus it is very hard to take it in all at one time and I think that is why I like it. It is larger than life. And to see someone else see it for the first time just brings a smile to my face. Can't wait to see the reaction of my grandson when we go in November

  3. I am not a lover of a circus (as I was traumatized by a clown at one when I was a kid), that is why I won't go to LaNuba. The only thing circusy about Festival of the Lion King are the Monkeys and the fire twirler guy. I love it, will go see it every time I am at AK, I love the music, the color, etc., but my very favorite show is Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios.

  4. I like the "circus" part of the show! What I hate is the banter between the three people in the beginning. I will only ever see that sow again if I'm with someone that wants to see it. And, I agree...Finding Nemo the Musical is actually my favorite attraction at WDW!

  5. Great article! I laughed when I read 'my dislike of circuses". So funny! I'm not a fan of circuses either. Seeing the pictures I think I will skip this. Great post by the way! =D

  6. It's very interesting to me how different people have such a different view of things...I personally fall asleep almost every time in Finding Nemo, but I always cry during Festival of the Lion King during the 'Can You Feel The Love' section. Overall though, I think Timon is the reason why I love it so much. I hate circuses too, but I never thought of FOTLK as a circus before (and I hope I don't now!), but I also won't go to LaNouba for that very circus-y reason (I've even seen a lot of the Cirque shows on TV and they freaked me out even then). Interesting article!


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