Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Pin Blanket

by Gaylin

Since I have posted on social media about the blanket I use to display my Disney pin collection, I realized it is about time I post it here.

The stores at Walt Disney World often have a promotional item, buy X amount of product and the promotional item is offered at a really reasonable price. This blanket was one of the promotional items during a trip, I think in 2007. When I saw it, I realized I could use it to hold my pins.

I brought it home and sewed a curtain sleeve at the top, bought a curtain rod and voila, a great way to put them on display and a great way to have easy access to them when I want to wear a pin.

When I first started using this, I had way less pins, I told myself I would stop buying pins when the outside edges were filled up . . . we all know how that went. At the rate I buy pins, I may need to buy a stronger curtain rod because this blanket is getting heavy!

I am glad I saved my Extra Magic Hours bands, as well as the Not So Scary and Christmas party bands, they make a fun addition to the blanket. I use the ends of the rod to hang lanyards so all my Disney pin accessories are in one place.

This corner of my blanket has all my tour pins attached to it, I never wear them since they would be hard to replace.

Anyone have anything like this? How to you store your pins? Do you wear them or just buy them for display?


  1. I have a large collection of only Jiminy Cricket pins, this is a cool idea!

    1. Mike that is so cool, I don't think I have a single Jiminy pin, I must change that!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Barbie (and Nick)! Right now my pin blanket is bare. I took all the pins off because there are random plumbers putting all new pipes in my building, I wanted to keep my pins safe from possible thievery. You know because plumbers love Disney pins! (snicker) It is very strange to look at it with no pins on it!


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