Thursday, February 18, 2016

Disney Pins From the Disney Wonder, Circa 2012

By Nick

Back in 2012, we took a cruise to Alaska on the Disney Wonder
We bought a few pins.
There was one representing each port, dated 2012, and I was tempted to buy them all, but at $12.95 each, I resisted the urge, and stuck to characters that my wife and I collect.

For example Pluto, who represented Juneau, mushing along with Mickey in the sled.


Here’s Minnie, getting a picture of Mickey in front of the Seattle skyline.


Here’s a picture of my wife Barbie with the Seattle skyline in the background, as the ship departed the Port of Seattle.

Here we have Stitch representing Victoria. While we stopped in Victoria, we didn’t get off the Wonder, as there was only a couple of hours in port.

Finally, there’s this pin of Minnie, not representing a port, but the entire Summer 2012 Alaskan Cruise Season.

 These pins are a Limited Edition of 1000.

The only other item I bought was this t-shirt, which lists the ports we were in.

For more about our pin collection, please check out this article by Barbie.
And to see the Mickey Mouse watch she bought on the cruise, please see this article.

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