Friday, October 14, 2011

Your Disney Pins–What to Do Next!

So now you love pin trading as much as I do. It can really enhance your whole vacation experience, right? But now you're home and have a sack full of pins and you don't quite know what to do; put them away in a drawer or suitcase until your next trip; absolutely not! Let me give you some options that I have found to keep the magic alive longer.

My first option was to put my pins into pin bags, designed especially for Disney pins. I found some on ebay and I found my favorite one at a thrift store! Into these books went many of the pins, categorized and lovingly placed. I pull them out and add to them on occasion. My husband calls this "Pin Joy."

Another option is to go to your local arts–craft store and buy a stretched canvas which you can hang on the wall. Poke your pins through the canvas and replace the backings. Here is my Pluto board and a close up of it.

You can make designs out of your pins, maybe a hidden Mickey head even, and presto! Instant artwork! I have canvases hanging all over my workplace wall and everyone who comes over loves to check out my pins! I even got a few co-workers hooked on pin trading. Does that make me a pusher? Here's my Mickey board. I wanted to make a Hidden Mickey head, but didn't have enough room with all my pins, I decided to add photos of our Disney vacations to the boards instead.
Here is a side view of my Stitch board. If you like this idea, remember to get the stretched canvas with the wooden frames.

If you have limited wall space, or already have artwork up on the wall, you can use the pins in place of thumb tacks on your bulletin board.

Many people use a single pin as jewelry on their lab coats or clothing, rotating the character daily depending on their mood. One lady wears her lanyard as her ID holder. She is hardcore!


  1. I love the idea of the themed pin boards. What a great way to display your collection so it's not in a drawer and add some art to your office.

  2. Thanks Tammy, everyone who comes to the office loves the idea too, it has worked out for a couple of people now!

  3. And by the way, you made it to the Stitch pin board Tammy! That one is right in front of me so I see it all day. We need to get back to Disney Land.

  4. Wow! Are these pin boards new creations or have I just been in la la land? So great! You're sharing lots of great details on the blog!

  5. Thanks Jill, I started doing pin boards once I realized I shouldn't be keeping all those lovely pins hidden in the pin books! You might see one or two special pins on the walls of the kitchen, have you looked?

  6. My wife and I use white belts, one for each Disney vacation year, to display our pins. Each belt has 13 pins, each depicting (in order) our special moments for that vacation. The belts hang on our bedroom wall.

  7. I love that idea, Lee. Especially the meaningful and special pins that you keep!


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