Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Wonder What Time It Is?

What's that on my wrist?
A watch? But I never wear watches! (I mean never!)
But this is a Disney Wonder watch, and a Mickey Mouse watch, and for some reason, it really called out to me ever time I passed it! What was I to do? I just couldn't say no... but it took a couple days to say yes! And I snuck away from the rest of the group one evening to buy it. My Disney husband caught me in the act! He knew I had been lurking around the jewelry counter, he just didn't know why.
They let me pick out the decorative tin it came in as well. Of course I chose the pie eyed Mickey! I think I made a great choice. I've been wearing the watch non-stop. I didn't realize how much fun watch wearing could be! And now I have a wonderful keepsake of our Alaska trip that I smile about every time I look at it!


  1. Cool watch!!

    I have a completely different watch but the same tin.

    Great minds think alike.

  2. Great Disney Minds think alike, Gaylin!! I'd love to see a post on your watch!


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