Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Walt Disney World-September/October 2008 - Part 4

By Nick

Made the 8AM rope drop at Epcot, and went right to Soarin', which was walk on. Got a FP on the way out, and headed over to Spaceship Earth.
Rode it twice, once in English, and the second time in Portuguese. Why Portuguese? I have no idea! I pressed English. Weird.
Over to the Seas and rode Nemo then watched a Turtle Talk.

Went back to The Land and used our Soarin' FPs.
By now it was almost 11, so we made our way up to World Showcase to hit some (okay, a lot) of the Food & Wine kiosks.

Had some great and some not so great food, but all the wine was good. Even Barbie had some ice wine, and Barbie doesn't drink. She is such a non drinker, that by 12:30, she said that she was going back to the room for a nap, as I believed the ice wine/heat/sun had knocked her out.
Brave adventurer that I am, I continued on.
I did the free (yes, it was free at one time!) beer seminar at the American Adventure Pavilion, and enjoyed some samples of Samuel Adams.

After that I continued to eat and drink till I was full and feeling good, and decided to ride Test Track.
I went over to the F & W Welcome Center to check out the merchandise, and discovered I was only 10 minutes away from a free WIne Seminar, so I attended that.

Shirah Vs. Shiraz. Delicious.

So, now that I'd had even more wine, and was feeling even better, it was time to use my FP for Test Track. Got to TT, and the ride was down. Probably for the best.
I headed back to the Boardwalk for a swim.
After our swim, we went down to Spoodles (Which was were Trattoria al Forno is now.) to see if they had a table available, and they did. I cancelled our ADRs there for the next night, and we sat down to a really good dinner. I had the grilled beef kabobs, Barbie the rigatoni.

After dinner, we hopped a bus to Downtown Disney. It was a mad house. I realized too late, that Magic Kingdom had closed at 7, for the MNSSHP, and that most of the people
were apparently now at DD. So, after picking up just one T-shirt, we got out of there. At least Barbie made some good pin trades.
We got off the boat at the Swan and or Dolphin, and made our way to the bridge connecting Boardwalk to Yacht & Beach, and watched Illuminations.

Then we watched some Boardwalk entertainment, as Hallowishes went off in the distance.
 Please come back next Thursday for Part 5.

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