Friday, July 10, 2015

Disneyland 1970 Vacationland Guide

By Nick 

Aunt Sandy comes through once again, finding me some more of her great Disney ephemera from her past vacations.
This is a Disneyland Vacationland booklet from Summer of 1970. This magazine was “published three times yearly by Walt Disney Productions, Disneyland Division”

Our inside cover, interestingly, opens with a Dolly Madison ad, featuring the Peanuts Gang.

This is Volume 14, No. 2 of this publication.

Next is a look at Tom Sawyer Island, told from the perspective of an adventure seeking, and very imaginative young man.
“Disney on Parade” was an arena show that toured the United States and Canada from 1969 to 1973.

A too short look at one of my favorite attractions, The Haunted Mansion, and a United Airlines ad.

A nice montage of Disneyland photos for the center-spread.

A look at the clock on the facade of It’s a Small World, with a cute, if not very well illustrated, look at time through, er, time.

Fun events coming to Disneyland for it’s 15th Anniversary, including “Show Me America”, a 45 minute musical tour of the United States that appeared on the Tomorrowland Stage.

A few pages of ads.

A page showcases other attractions in the Orange County area.

And more ads.

The last page is an ad for Disneyland. Wait, what, it’s for Knott’s Berry Farm and Ghost Town?!

I also received some other great stuff, such as this brochure for “Show Me America”, and other fun Summer activities throughout Disneyland.

Finally, we have another Disney Guide and ticket book.

Please stop back soon for a look at a Disneyland Pictorial Guide from 1968.

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