Friday, July 17, 2015

Disneyland 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys

By: Nick

As Disneyland celebrates it's 60th Anniversary today, I thought we'd look back at a truly excellent set of Happy Meals Toys released by Disney and McDonald's back in 1995, celebrating Disneyland's 40th.

This set is a viewer set, like a mono viewmaster, featuring Disneyland park attractions.

These first two were for totally different attractions than what I'd assumed they were. Here we have Peter Pan. This must represent Peter Pan's flight, right? Nope

It is actually for Fantasmic.

The next one, I thought must have been from a parade, but it is actually from a dinner show called Aladdin's Oasis, that ran during two summers and on selected weekend days during other seasons.


This last one is pretty easy to guess. Mickey is riding Space Mountain.

Happy Anniversary Disneyland!

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