Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Fantasmic!

by Gaylin

When I am at Hollywood Studios, Fantasmic is a must-do. I love all of it, the water screens, the amazing huge puppet pieces, the lights, the music. Pretty amazing show but not for everyone.

If you are going with small children, be prepared, this show gets very loud, lots of light effects and fire and did I say NOISY! I have seen many a family leave the show with a small freaked out human having a melt down. I have seen this show many times and I was surprised in March how many times I plugged my ears because of the volume.

If you don't like being in a huge crowd, this amphitheatre holds almost 10,000 people, that in and of itself can be very overwhelming. Also be prepared, if you are like me, your point and shoot camera probably won't get very good photos.

The first photo I always take is the sign saying what section we are sitting in. If you need to go the washroom or to get a snack, you will have a difficult time finding your family if you don't remember your section!

 Like I said, my camera just doesn't have the power to get good photos.

That doesn't stop me from taking them!

I was surprised when we say the show in March, the character barge must have been broken because we had characters on stage at the end. I did miss the barge.

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  1. I'm going to be honest. It's just "meh" to me. Barbie and I had a bad experience seeing in the mid 2ks and I didn't go back until my last trip with friends because Barbie refuses to see it again. As my friend Josh said, and I'm paraphrasing, only 10 percent of the show is really good.


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