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Choosing a Bag for Walt Disney World

Medium Backpack for WDW 

By Lisa Green

I felt I needed to add a qualifier to this post’s title.  If you’ve got little one’s (especially of the diaper-wearing variety), this article won’t be very helpful – in the end, you’re going to need a bigger bag than any of the ones I’m about to recommend.  I’m also not recommending a specific brand – the three bags featured today ranged from cheap (discount store) to not-so-cheap (upscale outlet mall) to pretty-darned-expensive (major department store).  You can find the perfect bag or bags for your next Walt Disney World vacation at a multitude of stores – brand doesn’t matter.

When choosing a bag for a day of park touring, I take a few things into consideration:
  • What size camera will I be carrying?
  • Will I be going back to the resort mid-day or to dress for dinner or not at all?
  • Will I be toting anything for gathering character autographs?
Wristlet for WDW

Once I know the answers to those questions, I can choose from among the three bags I bring along.  They are: the small backpack, the smaller hipster, and the teeny, tiny wristlet.  I know what you’re thinking:  THREE bags?  This chick is bonkers!

WDW Park Touring Necessities

All I can say is that after a dozen trips to Walt Disney World, I know what I like.  I like choices!  I don’t carry the same stuff everyday and I don’t want to tote around a larger bag than absolutely necessary.  Also – I want my bag to always fit in the “stuff holder” provided on many rides and attractions.  If I’m not going to be collecting autographs, I don’t want to carry those supplies.  If I’m carrying my super-small camera, I don’t need a big bag.  If I’m not going back to the resort before dinner, I may need supplies for a little hair or make-up refresher.  I like to travel as light as possible and still have everything I need.  See how that works?  You don’t have to have multiple bags, one or two of the perfect size will do.
In EVERY bag, I need to carry:
  • Travel-sized sunscreen
  • Emergency medical supplies (ibuprofen, antacid, band-aids)
  • Smartphone and portable charger
  • Camera
Small Hipster Bag for WDW

Optional things I may WANT to carry:
  • Extra pins for trading
  • Photo mats / ornaments / pens (for autographs)
  • Visor and/or hair utensils (I refer to as hairaphernalia, ’cause I’m clever that way)
  • Touch-up supplies like lipstick, oil blotting papers, pressed powder, etc.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (folded tightly)
When packing, I put the unused bags inside each other and they don’t take up much room or weight in my suitcase.  For touring without a bag, see my tips here.

What’s your favorite bag like?  Do you bring multiple options with you?  Do you have any tips to share that I haven’t mentioned?

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