Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Disney Vacation Club Merchandise From the Disney Cruise Line

By Nick

Back at the end of May of 2012, my wife and I took cruise to Alaska on the Disney Wonder, and we received several nice giveaway items, and even won a couple of prizes, from the Disney Vacation Club!

On our first evening, after enjoying the “Welcome Aboard” show in the Walt Disney Theater, we returned to our room to find this magnet on our door…

… and this package on our bed.


Inside were lanyards and buttons.


The next morning we attended the Welcome Home Membership Celebration at WaveBands.

Upon entering, we were each given a hat, a pin, and a portfolio. There was a drawing, and my wife won a passport holder.



There were also free Mimosas!

There was a little contest for prizes. The facilitators divided the room into 4 teams representing the 4 Disney Cruise Line ships. We were in the Dream team.
Then they asked each group to nominate a representative.
Guess who got picked.
The contest?
Who could be the best hula dancer.
The team had 2 minutes to dress their reps and make them (me) look as much like a hula dancer as possible.
I had a beret put in my hair, a scarf for long hair, and I had a sweatshirt wrapped around my waist, and the topper, I had a few hats stuffed in my sweater.
I looked awful.
Or awesome.
You decide.

The 4 contestants were all declared winners, but really, I should’ve won! Each hula dancer got a DVC backpack, which came in handy during this trip, used to carry around layers of clothes and rain gear, and in fact, I still use it till this day.

On the way out, everyone was given a DVC bag, with the old logo.

Please stop back Thursday from more items from that cruise.

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  1. That is some pretty great loot! And you make a great Alaskan hula dancer.


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