Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Elusive Disney Pin Code!

By: Shendl

Pin Codes are a wonderful invention that Disney Destinations sends out randomly, allowing you discounts of various kinds. 

Not everyone gets them and no-one actually knows how they choose who to send a Pin Code to!

I have been one of the Lucky ones in receiving Pin Codes in recent years but I have only ever been able to use one.  There are many thoughts on how you can get a pin code but nothing has ever been proven.

The Pin Codes will be emailed to you or sent by Snail Mail so make sure that your addresses are always current with the Walt Disney Company. They will come from DISNEY DESTINATIONS so make sure that they are not blocked by your Spam filter and they will have an offer for certain dates for either Room Discounts or the popular (and my personal favourite) FREE DINING! They also tend to not have the stipulations on resorts that the general discounts have which is quite useful if your favourite resort is excluded from the general discounts.

The one I received most recently was for FREE DINING!

Enjoy a Free Dining Plan*

When you buy a non-discounted 5-night/6-dayWalt Disney Travel Company room and ticket package at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

For arrivals most nights 8/25–10/3, 10/19–11/1, 11/9–11/22 and 12/12–12/23/14.

They are quite useful and can save you money if you are able to apply them for your vacation Dates.

Some ways to possibly get one of these Elusive Pins:
  • Have an account at and keep pricing out vacations all the time.
  • Answer any DISNEY surveys that may pop up on a Disney website including the Disney Store
  • Make sure to subscribe to any Official Disney Newsletter that you can find.
  • And ask your friends for PIXIE DUST!!
You never know, one day one of these Elusive PIN CODES might be in your Inbox or Mail Box!!


  1. I have been fortunate to get sent pin codes 4 times and able to use them twice for free dining! Also the free dining was for a 5 day trip and they gave it to me for the 2 different 9 day trips I took. Sweet!

  2. We've never gotten one! Not sure if it's because we are DVC and Annual Passholders, but...

  3. I went for years without getting one. Over the last year, I have received several in my email. Of course, it's when I can't use it.


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