Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Little Splash of Disney Color

by Nick

Back in late February-Early March, my wife's father treated the family to a Royal Caribbean Cruise.
One of our stops was in Port Canaveral Florida, and, probably not surprisingly, we chose a day at Walt Disney World as our excursion.

We thought that would be all the Disney we'd get on the cruise, but we had one more little splash of Disney color when we stopped in Key West.

Not far from the port, at 251 Front St., is a Del Sol store. Seeing Mickey made us want to stop in!

Del Sol carries a line of Disney Color Changing products.

There also carry Marvel!

A friendly store employee was happy to share how UV rays change the t-shirt's graphics from black and white to full color.

Did I buy one? No, I confess, I did not. But not because I don't think they are incredibly cool, but because I have soooo many Disney shirts I never wear already.

What do you think of the color changing clothes?

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  1. I haven't heard of these t-shirts before, pretty interesting. Would I buy one, probably not since I already have a drawer of Disney t-shirts I don't wear anymore!


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