Thursday, June 5, 2014

Characters on Main Street USA at Walt Disney World

by Gaylin

On my recent trip to Walt Disney World, one morning I decided to sleep in a bit! Sacrilege I know, missing the park opening show, but the weather had been extremely hot and the crowds a bit heavier than expected, so a few extra hours in a nice quiet and cool hotel room all by myself were awesome.

It was nearly noon when I got to the Magic Kingdom and to my surprise the Main Street Characters were all out and most people were in a hurry to get somewhere so I had a few minutes with each of them on my own. Nice to have the time to have a little chat before asking for a photo. The mayor gave me his business card, told me it would get me to the back of the line-up for any ride in the park! Scoop Sanderson also gave me his card, told me to call if I had any late breaking news stories for him.

The Mayor and the Lady Suffragette are always a treat to talk with, and look so dapper in their outfits.

Then a moment with Scoop Sanderson, member of the Press! I told him I work for a newspaper union back home so he wanted to make sure you could read the press pass on his hat.

Finally the fire chief, he told me I look like Paddington Bear in all my yellow. I looked Paddington up online and yep, he often has on a yellow hat but is jacket is usually blue.

 I always get a photo of balloons on Main Street and the breeze picked up while I was walking and this balloon seller looked like she was going to fly away.

Right before the hub in front of the castle were dancers, a show I hadn't seen before, Welcome Spring!

And of course, because I can – here is another photo of the castle. What trip to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without a photo of the castle?

Finally, while this was in the New Fantasyland area and not Main Street, I met these two characters. A groomsman and a lady-in-waiting, after a proper and polite chat, they were off – spreading the good news of the day.


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