Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flea Market Finds: Vintage Pluto Planter

By Barbie

I almost passed this beauty up. That's right. I was at the flea market and I stood at a woman's table looking over all her Disney collectibles and turned this little Pluto planter over in my hands. No chips, no cracks, no plant had ever marred the inside of the planter. And I put Pluto back on the table.

Nick hadn't noticed I'd been looking at it, picked it up and asked me what I thought of it. I said "It's okay, but for $10, nah." What was I thinking? I collect Plutos!

Luckily Nick ignored me completely and bought him.

It must have been the heat, because I look at this planter now and I am so thankful Nick grabbed it along with a handful of other Disney items we will be highlighting in other posts later on.



  1. Oh my!! This is awesome!! So glad Nick was on point!!

  2. He always is, Chris! Nick has a great eye for amazing Disney finds! We'll be posting more flea market finds each Sunday this summer!

  3. I love the vintage feel this planter has. So cute! Nick is a smart guy for picking this up for you.


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