Sunday, June 8, 2014

Smells Like Soarin' at Epcot

By Nick  

Earlier this week, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Geekin' On WDW, episode 13, and they were talking about the smells of Walt Disney World.

This was a funny coincidence, because I had just recently had a friend post an article about the smells of WDW to my Facebook wall.

During my lunch break, I happened to be by a local mall, so I stopped into the Disney Store.

It then occurred to me that a Bath and Body Works is in the same mall.

I did a Google search for Bath and Body scents that are similar to WDW smells, and found a very interesting one that claimed that Paris Daydream smells like Soarin', and more specifically, like a combination of all the smells.

I wound up finding the Paris Daydream candle on the 50% off table, and took a whiff. Hmmm. I was not convinced.

Then I noticed the plug ins. I love plug ins, and for $3.25, I figured, what the heck.

I took it home, and plugged it in, and, yes, I can say that it actually smells like entering Soarin', when the combined smells of the previous ride are still hanging in the air. Barbie agrees.
I went back the next day and bought the last 3 I could find, plus a candle.

I will be visiting a Yankee Candle in the near future, looking for more smells that remind me of WDW. 

Do you have any favorite WDW smells, and have you found a close scent for your home?


  1. i love the same candles that you bought!

  2. I use transit (the bus) to get to work everyday and the cleaner they use on the buses is orange scented. Every now and then the cleaners must use too much of it because I will get on the bus in the morning and smell the orange groves of Soarin' all the way to work!

    I don't buy candy here at home but there is a candy store near me and I go into it every now and then because the sugar smell reminds me of Goofy's Candy Kitchen . . .


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