Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom

by Gaylin

My first day of vacation, I decided to head to Magic Kingdom. When I got to the bus queue I almost changed my mind, the line-up for Magic Kingdom was quite long. And then, this baby pulled up! A double length articulated bus, this is the size of bus I catch a ride with to work at home in Vancouver. It was fun watching a good portion of this long line of people fill up this bus. As you can barely see, behind this bus is another one, also going to Magic Kingdom. I think they were prepared for this busy morning!

While I did get to the Magic Kingdom in time for the opening show, it didn't happen, but all these people did! As soon as rope drop happened, this crowd dispersed into the park quite quickly.

Since I was on my on and not frantic to get to any particular ride, I meandered over to Adventureland. One thing I do try to do when I am at the parks is take a photo of some part of the beginning of an attraction just before I go onto it. That way, when I am trying to remember what I did during the day, I can go back through my photos and have a timeline of the day. I did go on the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. There were very few people paying attention to it and it is a nice quiet way to start the day and get a view around the park from the top of the tree.

Then it was time for a cruise, a Jungle Cruise to be exact! As everyone knows, your cruise captain can make or break a cruise. I got Captain Lisa and she was awesome, great timing for all those bad puns and when we had a couple minutes wait before disembarking – she just kept the jokes rolling.

Time to go visit some pirates. As with the cruise, I pretty much walked onto this ride. I don't know where all those people from the crowd at the front of the park went but it wasn't to Adventureland.

Can you guess where I went next? Haunted Mansion! Again, I just walked on, it was shaping up to be a very hot day, getting to do so many things so quickly was really nice. I had decided to take some selfies this trip, I think this guy was happy to have his photo taken with me.

Next up, time for a bathroom break!
Headed over to the new Fantasyland, this area wasn't open on my last trip and while it would have been nice to have a ride or show to go with Tangled, I guess a bathroom area is better than nothing.

I took a peek in Gaston's tavern but didn't buy anything, I did love the decor . . . Gaston wasn't out and about or I would have gotten a photo with him!

And my last photo of my morning so far, me and King Triton. It is never difficult to find someone to take a picture if you are on your own and since I couldn't figure out a way to take a selfie with the King, a very nice woman took my picture and then I took a photo for her and her son.

All this fun and it wasn't even lunch time yet! One morning, lots of magic.


  1. what a great morning..i love the little boy photobombing you!

    1. Laurie, it was a really good morning and yes, little Mr. Photobomb is cute!


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