Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Bit of New Fantasyland: Great Disney Cast Members

by Gaylin

The first day of vacation, while at the Magic Kingdom, I admit I spent more than a little bit of time wandering around the New Fantasyland. I was impressed by all of it, the theming is beautiful. It was a very hot day and of course, that meant an ice cream break.

I stopped at Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine ice cream and drink cart in between Gaston's Tavern and Be Our Guest restaurant.

The fare provided at this cart is standard, water, soda, ice cream treats. I had one of my favourite treats, a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar! As you can see, there are covered tables to enjoy your treat out of the hot sun. I shared a table with a very nice woman, who also needed a break from the heat and I asked her to take my photo. It was only 2 or so in the afternoon and I was feeling and looking pretty wilted!

What was a pleasant surprise at this kiosk was the cast member, Sherley. She was happy and fun, greeting people as if everyone was a long lost friend. She was a bright moment in a hot afternoon where I felt like I was melting. After I finished my ice cream bar, I went back to the kiosk to say thank you to her, not just for how nice she had been to me, she was that nice and lovely to everyone! I asked her to take a selfie with me and she was thrilled – first time anyone had asked her to take a photo with them.

If you happen to be near the Popping Machine and need a treat – find Sherley and buy your treat from a 'friend'!


  1. It's pretty neat that someone can be that happy and welcoming when in the heat. That's the only reason I could never work for Disney... I'd be super-crabby in the heat! LOL

    1. Amber, when Barbie and I discuss retiring to Florida and working for Disney, the heat is our number one concern.

    2. That is one nice thing about having a solo vacation, when I got too hot, I kept my crabby to myself! And it was only May, I can't imagine working at WDW in the middle of summer and still managing to be friendly!

  2. Your face says you could never be crabby, Gaylin!


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