Sunday, December 29, 2013

Road Food

By: Barbie

I walk around the neighborhood almost every day, and I always keep an eye out for interesting things on the ground. My favorite things to pick up, of course, lost change. In fact, I consider a walk where I don't find pennies from heaven to be a failure. So when I saw an ice cream cone, corn on the cob and a carrot on the ground, I did a double take. I thought to myself, that's weird, why didn't I pick those up?

When I got home I was really kicking myself for not bringing the road food home. You'll see what I mean! It sounds gross, but it's too funny! It snowed the next day and I couldn't find my coveted food items. Oh well, easy come, easy go. The next day I went out again and was able to find the ice cream and the carrot, but my corn cob was missing. I placed the food carefully in my sweatshirt pocket. Who would have picked up that corn cob, I wondered to myself?

I wandered into the house and started playing with my phone vinyls, you may remember them from this post. I giggled as I fitted them with their new accoutrement: an ice cream and a carrot!

Remy immediately went for the ice cream!  

 Which left the carrot for his good friend, the rabbit.

The moral of this story? When you see food on the ground that you really want, just pick it up, ok?


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