Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mickey's Traffic Trouble : Disney Hallmark Ornament

By: Nick

Back in July, Hallmark had their Ornament Premiere Weekend, and I picked up the "Limited Quantity" ornament featuring Gus and Jaq, titled "Sewing For Cinderelly."

Last year, there was also a limited quantity ornament featuring Mickey Mouse, titled "Traffic Trouble."

"Traffic Troubles" is a 1931 animated cartoon, Mickey's 26th short, and can be easily found by doing a YouTube search. The ornament is in black in white, just like the original.

This is a heavy ornament, like a matchbox car. In fact, the wheels turn!

The cabs tires have seen better days.

From the box:

Traffic Troubles 
Mickey Mouse 
Special Edition
Mickey has had a lot of jobs through the years, but one of the earliest was as a cabbie in the 1931 animated short Traffic Troubles. And trouble he has aplenty as he tries to maneuver through the crowded city streets with his trusty taxi. Things become smoother and a lot more fun when he picks up Minne-she is after all the fairest fare he's had all day!
This special edition ornament was issued in limited quantities and first available at the 2012 Keepsake Ornament Premiere event. 

Don Palmiter 
Hallmark Keepsake Artist

I love the license plate: "O-heck"!  

I hope you don't encounter any traffic trouble today, unless it's this ornament!

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  1. That is sweet! Love the tires and the license plate. That it is in grey-scale is even better!


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